Abaddon’s Apocrypha Prologue by MC Jeffrey.

Abaddon’s Apocrypha.

Prologue by MC Jeffrey

El Giza Egypt 1884.

The Somnambulist surveyed the sepulchre. Torches lit the four corners of the large tomb in which they were seated, the flames causing the shadows to dance on the walls ominously, un-nerving the tall mute. The room was decorated in gold, deep reds and blues, in front of them a large stone altar draped in black Egyptian cotton with a large ceremonial gold candle stick on the left and gold jewelled dagger in the centre.

Mathers was becoming impatient, the Somnambulist observed. He knew how this was going to play out, and he knew he had little control in stopping it. This was the seventh sitting; the last one was just like this one and the outcome had been the same in the previous six. It was futile to resist the inevitable, he mused.

A door at the rear of the altar opened and two large men entered followed by a thin old woman. The men (both) hairless, large and muscular were dressed in the way of the old Egyptian style oiled bare chests, white skirts with black belts, both with large crescent blades in secured in scabbards. The small thin woman dressed in a ceremonial black and gold silk, her face shrouded with a black veil.

The woman spoke first her voice seemed to fill the room, the power and tone of her voice palpable so that it was impossible to remove one’s eyes from her diminutive form.

“I am En Shalah el Sabur, the Shadow Priestess. I am told you Samuel Mathers wish to see into the shadows for the knowledge of what has come to pass, the now and what shall be. I warn you, you may not like what you see, but I am the vessel, it is not for me to question one such as yourself, on you own head be it.”

The woman removed a copper scroll from under her robes, unrolled it and began to chant in her mother tongue. The room instantly began to darken the shadows seemingly enveloping around them. Within seconds the Somnambulist could no longer see the woman or the two men at each side of her. Slowly his eyes grew more accustomed to the dark and the shadows morphed into something else. He was no longer in the sepulchre but in a large dark room, his heart beating heavy in his chest the same sound also filling the room, BADUM BADUM on and on deafening ever louder as the crescendo built.

The Somnambulist walked further into the room. He was alone. At the end of the room was a door. On entering the next room, he was greeted by the sight of a man bound to an x shaped cross, his skin shredded with lacerations. Beside him, a grotesque homunculus lashed him with a whip, the dwarf’s features twisted and contorted in a visage so unsettling the Somnambulist had to remove his gaze. The words formed in the mute’s mouth before he realised he spoke them, unsettled by hearing his own voice for what seemed like an eternity, the mute stared at the tortured man and asked “who-who are you?” The man on the cross looked at him with tears and pity in his eyes and although his lips did not move he answered “I am you, and you are me, we are legion.” The dwarfs whip cracked and struck the man in the face cutting a deep fissure across his face rupturing the mans left eye, gelatinous fluid oozing from the wound mixing with blood and seeped down onto floor in thick crimson globules, yet the man never flinched or uttered another sound.

The Somnambulist, shaken, hurriedly left the room entering another to the right away from the tortured man, BADUM BADUM…….. BADUM BADUM, the pulsating heart beat faster. The next room exited into a dark corridor leading to another door at the end. As he walked through the corridor, it felt as if it was closing in on him.he found it more and more difficult to breath the feelings of claustraphobia threatening to overwhelm him. Hands appeared to come out of the ether at each side of him, hundreds of bony hands grabbing at him ripping into his flesh as if to take hold a face him back into the wall and become as them. Using all his strength the Somnambulist forced himself through the door at the end into another room. BADUM BADUM……. BADUM BADUM.

Bursting through the door the mute almost fell to the floor, stopping for a few seconds to regain his breath, he did not at first take in his surroundings, but as he looked up he observed that In the centre of the room was a table, upon it lay a woman in the throes of childbirth, her contractions hastening and intensifying as the seconds passed the woman thrashed to and fro.. Her cries of pain barely audible over the BADUM BADUM of the heart beat. As he approached the table he realised the woman was not clothed, she  was naked but her skin was flayed leaving, her sinew and muscles visible to him, blood glistening and her insides moving together with each contraction, his gaze fixated on the beating of her heart visable through her rib cage . A head appeared as she strained to release the life inside of her and then with one last almighty push, the child came away from her. Horrified, the Somnambulist looked at the birth, the mewing cries of a baby coming from the jaws of the jackal pup head on a child’s body which was still attached to the umbilical cord.

He turned his head away from the horror before him and retched vomiting onto the floor of the room. As he looked back at the table, the woman was on her feet making her way towards him, bloody footprints marking her path, her after birth soiling the floor as she came leaving a trail of blood and filth. She dragged the jackal baby hybrid behind her as she proceeded to stand in front of him, her arms immediately embracing him in a strong grip, forcing his mouth to hers as she kissed him with that lipless mouth, her tongue darting into his own mouth causing bile to rise again in his throat, the child yapping and crying alternately at her feet.

The Somnambulist struggled to free himself from her embrace, his heart racing with panic BADUM BADUM BADUM BADUM. As he pulled away from the woman, her black malevolent eyes stared deep into his seeming to look deep inside him searching for his soul, fear and dread instantly took root inside him spreading through his body and his heart grew ever tighter and tighter as if it would burst right there inside of him, BAAAAAADUM BAAAAAAADUM BAAADUM………Then nothing. The sound stopped as the pain seared through him.

The sound of a gun shot snapped the Somnambulist back to reality although dazed and disturbed by the visions, it took a few seconds for him to comprehend what was happening. The bare-chested Egyptian to the right of the priestess crumpled to the ground a hole in his temple where bullet had moments before slammed into his forehead. The one to the left immediately pulled out his large ornate scimitar but instinctively the Somnambulist was on him, snapping his neck in his strong arms. Mather dropped the gun screaming at the mute to finish things. The tall servant quickly grabbed the ceremonial dagger from the altar and set upon the priestess who stood frozen in shock behind the altar. Holding her in a vice-like grip, he brought the blade across her throat, opening it up as the spray of blood from her carotid artery covered the walls as she fell. The Somnambulist quickly gathered up the remaining artifacts, the copper scroll, candlestick and the bloody dagger he had only just used to slice open the priestess, and placed them in a bag before exiting the sepulchre. As he left he could have sworn he heard that voice in his head, “we are legion.”

And so it had begun and ended as so many times before on their journey, Mather’s got what he came for leaving a trail of death behind him.

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