Damned-Nation Prologue Part 2


Day 1
Everything kind of went to shit after what we now call the Roslyn Incident, a cell of terrorist, satanic cult followers calling themselves ‘The Children of the Morning Star’ had somehow managed to obtain an ancient document containing an incantation and rite that could open the gates of hell and the mad bastards did just that, killing themselves in the process.
Within hours, hell spewed forth every unimaginable, grotesque and rank entity it housed in its bowels onto the poor unsuspecting citizens of Scotland.
The demons feasted that day, their insatiable hunger driving them on through the towns and cities of Britain’s northern most country, leaving a trail of blood in their steed.
The Scottish woke up that morning to carnage and death on a grand scale, most never woke up again.

Week 1.
Within a week, literally all hell broke loose. The government promptly sent in the troops to control the wave of demonic entities flooding from the portal. Scotland became a war zone, a killing field.
30% of the Scottish citizens managed to escape the carnage, refugee camps being set up over the border near Rothbury. Sadly those that were left were either killed by the demon horde or by the armed forces trying desperately to regain order. Some small pockets of people managed to survive, living like rats, scavenging for food where they could, increasingly being forced from the inner cities which quickly become no go areas as the hell spawn tore them asunder.

Month 1
Scotland itself was plunged into an eternal darkness. Foul noxious clouds flooded out of the portal settling above the entire country, planes cut out when flying overhead and all machinery stopped no longer able to work. No plant life grew, livestock began to starve, and the rain that did fall was acidic and burned the ground where it fell.
That once ancient fertile land of the Scots quickly turned into a desert wasteland, the young and elderly of those still living especially vulnerable, died of disease and starvation.
The forces soon realising their expensive hi-tech weaponry was proving ineffective against the spawn of Satan, were driven back beyond the border to Berwick. Reinforcements were called in to back up the ravaged ever depleting soldiers, and emergency electric fencing was erected coast to coast behind the battlefield to keep the scourge out. Breaches were so frequent that the brave British forces fighting the hell spawn to a standstill, three quarters of those brave men and women of the British armed forces died preventing the spread of the demonic into England.
The Houses of parliament called a state of emergency, and the UN were called in to police the border.

Year 1
The government erected New Hadrian’s Wall in place of the electric fencing, a permanent 50 foot high, and half mile wide monstrosity designed specifically to keep England safe and the Demons horde out. Scotland was forgotten the remaining peoples left to fend for them as best they could, nobody entered and none were ever allowed to leave, the UN soldiers that were posted on the wall had orders to kill anyone attempting to breach the defences, demon, beast or human.
Gunships patrolled the seas around the north to ensure no demons crossed to other countries infecting them as they did Scotland.
The cult group ‘The Children of the Morning Star’ numbers swelled and they made repeated suicide attacks on the wall from England’s side whilst the horde continued to batter the northern side, casualties were high.

Year 2
Experimental weaponry was tested, his Holiness Pope John Paul III personally blessing all weapons and ammunition, and an elite cadre of Swiss Guard was established to take control of the wall. This proved a small turning point in the defence of the wall, these blessed weapons proving effective for the first time against the demons, the Swiss Guard fought back maintaining a stronghold, on the wall, while small pockets of survivors north of the wall, fought hard themselves, clinging desperately to life as best they could.

Year 3 Now.
England is under Vatican rule, most European countries are voting in referendum to follow suit, all faiths uniting as one under the Roman umbrella for fear that they too will suffer the same fate as Scotland.
Scotland itself, a barren wasteland; at most 250000 humans remain alive fighting for survival
This is our story.


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  1. class m8 keep it coming

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